What do you hope your audience takes away from “Purpose”?The songs on this album helped me through a lot of rough patches and I hope they can do the same for someone else. I also feel like the music on this album is different from most of what I hear these days, so I would also hope that it would lead to opening the door creatively speaking to creators that don’t always fit into a specific genre. I put a lot of time, heart and soul into this album and I hope that it is conveyed to the listeners, because when it comes down to it, that’s who its for.

"HeY!ALLigator" Marie Robertson & Katie MartinMarie Robertson Friend and HeY!ALLigator  Band Mate  had this to say about Katie…

“Katie has an amazing and inspiring passion for the true essence of songwriting. Her expressive lyrics bring timeless understanding into every raw note and word of her songs”

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