521 Kitchen and Que is located in Atlanta off Roswell Road and is our pick for ordering your Holiday Meal this year, and dinner tonight!

Owned by local Atlanta couple, Drew and Roma Kirkland, this is by far one of the best BBQ’s we have been to.  One thing that strikes us in particular about this restaurant is their commitment to locally sourced and fresh food. Also, they are vegetarian and gluten free friendly. Vegetarian? A BBQ restaurant is vegetarian friendly? Yes, believe it or not, as Roma told us, there are quite a lot of  vegetarians that love to grab a bite at 521 Kitchen and Que.

As someone that works with my significant other, I loved the fact that the “521” in 521 Kitchen and Que is their anniversary date. Awe… Heart melts.

So, long story short; We sampled all the yummy goodies they have and for your holiday meals, do yourself a favor and let them cook it.


Must have picks:

Turkey – Moist and Delicious. All your guests will be impressed.

Kale Slaw – So delightful! It doesn’t have the bitterness you might expect from Kale. It is definitely worth getting

Baked Sweet Potato – Cooked perfectly, season with salt and pepper

Brisket – Melt in your mouth delicious!

Let’s just say that we loved everything we tried and we are certain you will too.

Go ahead and try them for lunch or dinner! While you are there,  place your holiday order! Do it quickly!