A cold and dreary Tuesday night in Atlanta brought a nostalgic group of people out to the Loft to see one of the most recognizable bands from the 90’s, Everclear.220px-Everclear-Sparkle

The set was a full 75 minutes and featured all our favorite songs including “Father of Mine”, “Wonderful” and of course “Santa Monica” which everyone sang along to.

In town to celebrate their 20th Anniversary of their “Sparkle and Fade” album, Art Alexakis sat down backstage after the show to talk about the tour, what’s next and of course kids!

My partner for the night was none other than my mini me, my daughter Aleena. She and I had just left the Broadway performance of Cinderella and we were still riding high from that.  Art greeted us with a warm, humble smile and shook our hands then immediately started talking to Aleena. I found this gesture very kind. As a mother, you value when someone wants to make your child comfortable. That is exactly how he was. Full of respect and it was refreshing.


Art Alexakis along with Ange and Aleena Alex