TBB: Tell us a little about what we can expect with your show at the Improv this week for those not familiar with your stand up show.

Steve-O: My comedy is a lot like my stunts– I’m a shameless, reckless sonofabich, so you can expect a wild time.

TBB: I know you made headlines this year with the crane incident in LA, are you really going to jail next week? 

Steve – O: You bet I am. It’s all good though, I don’t have to worry about anybody popping my butt cherry, I’ll steveobe in protective custody.

Yikes. . .

TBB:Since you are such a fierce protector of animals, I am assuming you are a vegan? What do you consume in a normal day? I ask because I recently lost 30 pounds cutting wheat, soy, dairy and refined sugar… people ask me all the time what I eat, I always say, “REAL FOOD” –

Steve-O: I am vegan, indeed.  I eat real food too.

He did mention what he else he still eats but I will let your imagination work for that.

Most importantly, however, Steve-O has been clean and sober since March of 2008 and lives a healthy lifestyle in the Los Angeles area…

TBB: Are there any new television specials or movies in the works that you can discuss with us?

Steve-O:I just taped my first comedy special for Showtime. It’ll be out in March. I’ve also been working on developing a movie, too, and I’m thrilled about it. Thanks so much for your time, I’m super stoked to rock the Atlanta Improv this weekend, see you there!

Yep, we will see you there Steve- O!

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