It had been close to 30 years since I donned a pair of ice skates and got out on that cold, slippery ice. Naturally, I was a little nervous but gave it a go for my kids sake. They were cheering me on and I couldn’t resist.


All I could think about was when I went ice skating a couple times when I was kid and my mom would constantly say, “Be careful! You could really hurt your ankles!” I know she meant well, but it that thought did stop me from trying for, oh say. . .  30 years!!! :)

We got our kids ice skates on and tighten up then put ours on. Both my husband and I were nervous walking up to the ice but of course we had to smile and show the kids that this was the best idea ever!

As I stepped out I imagined myself skating smoothly across the ice and just as I imagined, I did. I zipped right around the edge the first time, holding the rail and thought to myself, “This is so fun! Why haven’t I done this!”

My kids held the railings and few times around and so did their dad but after a few times around, they were out in the middle!

We all laughed, we all pushed past our anxiety and fears and ended up have the best family time! And yes, I did fall once and bruised my tail bone but the memories we made that day will last long after the pain subsides!

Get out and make some chilly family memories of your own! Centennial Olympic Park’s Ice Skating rink is open until January 10th so there is plenty of time to get there. Check the full list of times and ticket prices HERE.